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The Nabduino board is an open source peer-to-peer remote access embedded board with a user modifiable web-interface developed by Nabto.

The software company Nabto has created a remote access web-browser framework for small-embedded devices and has a patented technology, which automatically creates a direct encrypted connection to a device behind a firewall, without configuring the firewall.

Nabto developed the Nabduino board for end-users to easily try out the Nabto technology. 
Learn more about Nabto on www.nabto.com


Watch the Nabduino Introduction video:

Nabduino Relay video:


Danish Nabduino presentation at Mercantec House of Technology:


Nabduino News


Firmware update (17-04-2013)

An issue in the base station attach process has been resolved in the Nabduino firmware. This issue caused remote connections to fail resulting in the “Device Unavailable (1000015)” error message. Local connections were not affected.
Please go to the download page to find the newest firmware.


Nabduino firmware update

A small firmware update has been released in the presence of the updated Nabduino HTML Device Driver.
This update includes some small bug fixes - including a filter on the temperature sensor to stabilise output.
As a result of the updates, the amount of free flash has now been increased to 12 kB.
ACL functionality is now very close to being released, so cross your fingers and wait patiently.


Nabduino HTML Device Driver updated

We are proud to announce the new version of the Nabduino HTML Device Driver.
It is a huge step forward, towards unified layout between your laptop and your phone.
The new design is based on the jQuery Mobile Framework and communicates with the plugin through JSON requests, which is a much prettier solution. The new HTML Device Driver is automatically updated to all Nabduino devices.

Access Control List (ACL) functionality is just around the corner.



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